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It’s one thing to plan and conceptualize a cheery comedy of an uplifting advertisement. Finding the right soundtrack is a different challenge altogether. You want cheerful music, but not the campy kind. While you will need to engage your audience emotionally, you don’t want kitsch. Hitting the right tune is not easy – but it’s easier when you’ve got great composers on your side. Within this library, you will find our favorite happy music. Of course every song you find here is royalty-free. This means that while you get all the benefits from our professionally composed tunes (including master and sync rights) upon purchasing a license from us, you won’t have to worry about third parties claiming royalties in the future. Our artists retain their rights – and no other party is involved.

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Royalty-free background music has a series of advantages. First off, it’s a great way for you to get the most for very little. Since no fee collectors are eligible to claim royalties, you’re saving money. Second off, this allows us to offer diverse licensing models that are tailored to your specific uses. You don’t pay for anything but your intended use – again, saving you money. Uses include radio plays, movie trailers, advertisements, holding loops, etc.

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Whether you are looking for quirky or uplifting compositions, for an acoustic jazz track or an electronic melody, or for cheerful orchestral compositions with strings and wind instruments: you can simply download the full version of any track you’d like to test. Testing is free: you won’t be charged for the download. In addition, every song will be downloaded in its entirety: no cuts, disturbing noises or quality reductions. Thus, you can try out any track for as long as you like. It’s only upon publishing your project that you will need a corresponding license. Depending on your intended use, you will need an appropriate license. Please refer to our licensing chart for further details.